Company Update – Summer 2015

Construction activity has certainly picked up over the spring and summer and people are buying houses once again. When we first started building at the Lake of the Woods (Locust Grove/Orange County) back in 2013, only a couple of houses were under construction. Many builders were waiting to see how the economy was going to […]

Snakes on a Plane? We’ve got that beat!

As the Washington D.C. summer approaches, it brings the heat and humidity we’ve all come to expect.  Making sure your Air Conditioner is ready for the season is time and money well spent.  However, not many technicians are ready for what recently happened with my own AC unit. I turned the system on to cool […]

Negotiating a Home Improvement Project

Most homeowners today will solicit more than one bid for just about any service they need on their property. The consensus has been to get at least 3 proposals from reputable companies…and that’s still a good practice to follow. But there are some things a homeowner can do to help the process along, avoid confusion […]

Reality Check

You’ve probably seen a television show depicting how easy…and fun home improvement can be.  While some tasks lend themselves to be undertaken by the average homeowner, a prudent decision is often made on when to call in a professional.  A trip to the local hardware store and soliciting the advice of a knowledgeable sales associate […]