When the two of us decided to build our retirement home in Lake of the Woods, we met with several builders who had good reputations and had constructed homes in LOW. One we had heard about was Mark Penning of Butcherson and Associates. We drove by two of his homes and happened to find one of the owners outside working in her yard. She spoke very highly of Mark and encouraged us to consider using his services. We decided to meet with him and from the beginning were impressed by his honesty and customer service. Before we had even signed a contract, Mark visited at least a half a dozen lots to give us a list of those that would lend themselves to a walkout and the model home we were considering. There was no guarantee we would buy from him when he did this. Once we had agreed to have him build for us and throughout the project, Mark was hands-on, present every day that work was being done, and often found doing cleanup himself at the end of the day. He suggested and added touches that were aesthetic or practical improvements at very reasonable cost. Mark pointed out subcontractor work that was not done to his standards when and if that occurred and made sure it was corrected promptly. When there were the usual glitches in deliveries of materials, Mark was on the case immediately to find an alternative solution that met our goals. Above all and throughout the project, Mark took such care in the work as if it were his own home and, even more, as if it were a work of art that he wanted to be proud of. We cannot say enough about him and heartily recommend Mark Penning and Butcherson if you want a home that is made with the care of a custom-designed one and yet is affordable. He is an honorable man and more than six months after the completion of our home we are able to say and proud to say that he has become a friend. How often have you ever heard that before?   -Linda & David S.

My husband and I contracted with Butcherson and Associates and we moved into our home on Sept, 2014.  From start to finish, Mark was on the job.  We had our initial meeting and went over the plans, made some changes to better suit us, and as construction ensued, continued to make changes we realized would be needed, whether they were simply aesthetic (coffered ceiling in the dining room) or electrical - moving or adding outlets, lights or working on the kitchen island.  The tile we selected had been discontinued, and Mark managed to find an almost identical replacement to the discontinued product.  My husband or myself would stop by the job site and Mark would take a moment to discuss progress and what was scheduled next.  The process was completely different than building a home with a large builder who was putting up dozens in other communities.  Having been through that four times between the two of us, we expected construction delays, questions that would take days or weeks to be answered, if they were answered at all.  Not so with Butcherson and Associates.  My home on Fairway Drive was built with attention to detail and a real sense of pride in workmanship.   -Joyce C.