Welcome to our website.  Butcherson and Associates, LLC is an organization comprised of industry professionals.  All members of our management team have worked "in the field" and have first hand knowledge of the home building process.  With us, you will have seasoned construction veterans working with you to build your home.  No administrators, no sales guys, no compromises or shortcuts - rather, a group of people who have come together to challenge the "norm" in the industry.


Most home builders and general contractors utilize subcontractors and we are no exception to that practice.  Why?  We can better control our costs by managing various vendors who are experts in their chosen field.  This cost control is passed onto the consumer who can realize a greater savings by building with us.  The difference with us is that we have a consistent team of subcontractors who work with us from jobsite to jobsite, we know the quality of their work and they know what we expect of them.  Most builders don't want you to know they employ subcontractors, fearing that it is a negative necessary of the business that you should not know about.  We tell you this upfront, and we are proud of our craftsmen and the work they do for us.

About Us

As stated above, all of our managers have worked on site, supervising homes under construction.  Many builders have people managing their companies who have never built a home, some are computer professionals, and others have families that have come into the business without ever really "paying their dues".  Some are good at marketing, some are purely administrators who create reports and projections.
At Butcherson and Associates, LLC we're builders, it's all we've ever wanted to be.  We don't aspire to build thousands of homes and become a corporate giant; rather we build one at a time, just for you.

Can We Build One For You?

Please allow us the opportunity to discuss your home building plans.  We will work with you in any way we can, from conceptual design to flooring options and strive to exceed your expectations of what a builder should be.